The Challenge

Site Architecture

As we know that website architecture is one of the most important phases in the
development cycle. Therefore, it was a tough challenge to maintain the website identity
and improve the website architecture at the same time. There was a clear message to
improve overall website architecture, content representation and navigation to make a
simpler and smooth scrolling experience. Also, to build a more user-friendly, interactive
and responsive website with better navigation and advanced filtering.

Improve SEO Performance

Since the previous website had many loopholes linked to SEO, we were required to
prepare a detailed website performance and audit report in order to ensure smooth
execution of all the tasks in one go.

Brand Positioning

There was a slight brand positioning requirement from client end and we being the
website design experts had to make sure that there is no compromise with the brand
image in the form of color scheme and logo at the same time.

The Solution

Website Analytics

In order to understand the content and user behaviour, our data analytics experts
analyzed the data coming from Google analytics and other website performance

tracking tools. This helped us in understanding the content flow and finding the highly
searched pages by the users. Therefore, we decided to move further based on the
results generated and the outcome was simply awesome.

Website Optimization

Our website optimization experts had long meetings with our UI/UX experts on finding
the best approach of implementing the seamless user experience by optimizing the
website based on the search data identified by the search console. Our SEO excerpts
prepared a detailed website performance report that helped our designers to move
forward with the right design in terms of search engines and most importantly users as

Success Story

The project was designed as per the client expectations and it showed significant and
wise results in terms of user experience and overall website performance. The major
challenge of maintaining the website identity and improving the design at the same
time, was successfully accomplished by our expert team of designers.

If you have any website which you feel can grow your business , then feel free to
contact Esferasoft and we will ensure that you give the best outcomes in terms of

website designing. When it comes to website designing, mutual efforts of different
teams including UI/UX researchers, website designers, online marketing analytics and
web practitioners are required and Esferasoft fully supports this.

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